Cloud Based Property Software

We have been providing software to the property world since 1991


Web Design

Our designers combine both creativity and usability. We provide websites for just about every property software house in the UK


Mobile web sites and apps

We are leaders in this fast growing field


Website Prices

Just so everything is as transparent as we can make it, this is how we charge for website design work.

Home Page The main body of your website, without this you wouldn’t have a website



Static Pages Simple content pages i.e. About Us, the page where you can say how great your company is



Interactive Pages More complicated pages i.e. Registration Form, allowing users to submit a form which is emailed to you


from £120

Gallery Pages Fancy pants galleries allowing you to show off your product range or portfolio



WordPress Blog Integration User controlled content/news/blog where YOU can tell the world anything, upload stories, photos, videos, sausages, well not the latter



Advanced Email Outgoing Mailserver, which gives you the ability to send email from devices such as smart phones


£2.50 per month

Email Setup If you’re not best friends with I.T. and need help setting up email on Outlook/Mail or your iPhone/Blackberry etc we can help


£60 per hour

Security Updates If you go for the WordPress driven site, you’ll need it updated every now and again, we can cover these updates for you. So updating the backend, plugins, etc, making sure it all still works.



Domain Registration

Your .com / etc name, essentially this is the most important thing you own’s £5 per annum

.com’s £12 per annum

Google Places Submission An amazing little trick which might get you top of Google (depending on the search, your location and the competition).



Shopping cart If you’ve got stuff you want to sell, you need one of these! They are complicated and bespoke, so we’ll need to have a conversation before we can tell you how much.



Blog/Shopping Cart Training You have all this fancy stuff, but don’t know how to use it… you need to get schooled.


£60 per hour

Facebook Setting up a company/local business profile on Facebook if you’re that way inclined


from £65

Twitter Setting up a Twitter profile with stylised wallpaper and avatar icon so you can tweet, twerp, tweep to your heart’s content


from £65


There’s a ton of other social medias which we can obviously help setup too, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc



If we weren’t making things looks beautiful, we’d probably be selling houses.  We know a lot about the estate agency game, having had years specialising in software and websites for the property industry (winning a few awards for our designs along the way!)


ClarksCloud Property Listings Provided you have ClarksCloud or EABoss software for properties we can make you some pretty nice listings


£150 per listing

Other Software Property Listings

Listings if you have Vebra, LetMc, DesRes, Reapit, GMW, CFP, Rentman or any of the other main players then it’s a little more, but still cool


£250 per listing

Estate Agent Monthly Hosting Estate agents require a different level of hosting due to the listings.


£29 for the first branch

2 Offices £24.65 x 2
(15% discount)

3 Offices £21.75 x 3
(25% discount)

4 Offices £19.33 x 4
(33% discount)

5 Offices £17.40 x 5
(40% discount)

Google Streetview Integration Google offer a “Street View” facility we can integrate with… so you can’t pretend the house is on a nice quaint street anymore!



Map Search Integration We have been working with Google mapping to produce a scrolling map populated with available properties. It’s pretty cool stuff



Sales/Lettings Board Design You want to be noticed? You need awesome boards. You’ve come to the right place.


from £80

Mobile Friendly Version of Website People looking for houses are often using their mobiles phones, so why not have a bespoke Mobile Version of your new pretty website.

£500 setup
+ £10 per month hosting

All prices exclude VAT