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Our designers combine both creativity and usability. We provide websites for just about every property software house in the UK


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Whether you need a simple website or something to dazzle the public and the opposition, we have the solution for you.

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We are specialists in websites for the property profession.

So if you need a new site or just new listings and search logic built into your existing website, give us a call. We have our own range of property software as detailed on this site ClarksCloudProperty software. However, we also provide websites for agents who use just about every software system in the UK, including:

  • Clarks software inc. ClarksCloud, EABoss, COBoss
  • GMG group (recently having had a management buy out)
  • Vebra Solex
  • CFP
  • Vebra Live
  • Encore Live
  • Rentman
  • LetMC
  • VTUK
  • Radsol Genesis
  • Jupix
  • Eurolink/Veco
  • Reapit
  • Aspasia
  • Dezrez
  • CARL
  • Thesaurus
  • inea
  • Expert Agent
  • GMW
  • Alto


Example website and listing styles (click on the link below to view the current site):


Optional features you can add to make your search and listings stand out from the rest:


Place name / postcode search facility

In the Rightmove/Zoopla fashion i.e. type a place name or postcode and then decide on how big an area around it you’d like to search.
Note: We limit the map area to the area the agent covers so users won’t return place names such as Aberystwyth if their area over coverage is Exeter to Lyme Regis. Click here to see an example.


Add to favourites / Add to basket

Include an Add to favourites button on your listings, in the same vein as add to shopping basket. Click here to see an example.


Mapping with clustering

Display your properties on a map with our clustering technology. As you drill down so properties on a single point split into individual markers. Click here to see an example.


Featured Properties on your home page

…and there are many many more things you may wish to consider especially with regard to social media and how we can make that simpler for you.

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