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The future of the Web is changing - HTML5 is finally here

The specification has been in development for a decade and now all the features that have been planned for it are in it! There’s still some fine tuning (bug fixing in other words) to do but HTML5 will be the power behind the next generation of websites, smartphone apps and online video.

HTML5 lets developers deliver in-browser experiences that previously required standalone apps or software like Flash or Silverlight. Clarks have been ahead of the game and already use it to power their image processing module. It supports touch screen, offline tools, video and geolocation services, amongst other things.

Most of the main browsers already support most of the HTML5 features including the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are already compatible with most HTML5 elements.

App developers have followed suit. The Financial Times abandoned its smartphone app last year in favor of an HTML5 mobile website. The site looks and works like an app but with the advantage that the Financial Times doesn’t have to make multiple changes to all the multiple smartphone platforms. It also means the Financial Times doesn’t have to Apple for in-app purchases.

Here at Clarks, we’ve embraced the new standard, if you’d like to know more about how it will effect your business and way of working, give us a call.

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